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          Plowing a field doesn’t require a vast amount of concentration. Horses are fairly intelligent creatures and they catch on to the system pretty quickly so that the guy holding the smart end of the reins can pretty well let his mind wander. In 17th century Scotland this mind wandering mainly consisted of nose picking and ass scratching. However in 1696 the Church and Government of Scotland decided that the entire population of Scotland must be taught to read the Bible. This set off a chain of unintended consequences which resulted in the complete transformation of the world at large.

         So the general population of Scotland learned to read and write. They even read the Bible as the church elders had planned. Unfortunately for the powers that were at that time the people quickly realized that they did not need to restrict their reading to the Bible. This eventually got entirely out of hand so that by the turn of the eighteenth century Robert Dick a professor of philosophy at the University of Glasgow was teaching free weekly classes to the general public, which attracted hundreds of middle and lower class individuals, at least half of which were women. Higher education for middle-class Scots became not just a way of obtaining professional credentials or social advancement but had become a way of life. One of the favorite pastimes of the townspeople of Edinburgh and Aberdeen was auditing university classes.

        All of this learning created a demand for books that completly overwelmed the printing industry. The cure for this was inovation and invention which resuted in Scotland so impoving their printing industries that they became the world's source for inexpensive book production. This lowered the price of books to the point that everyone could afford them and the education they provided.

         Now our plowboys had something better to do than pick their nose while plowing. They could bring along a book and educate themselves while their horses plodded along. By the time these hard-working plowboys had reached the ripe old age of eighteen they had acquired an extensive knowledge of math and literature and could read and write both Latin and French. Many of them also managed to save up enough money to attend the local university, which by the way only cost two pounds sterling per year. After graduation some of them became profesors and taught at those same universities.

        Literacy is the foundation of modern society, without it there can be no effective exchange of ideas, which in turn promote both economic and social progress. A very large proportion of the inventors and innovators which we associate with England were actually Scottish. James Watt the inventor of the steam engine and Adam Smith the father of free market capitalism are two examples.

         After the English defeated the Jacobite rising of 1745 many of the educated businessmen as well as a large portion of the professors at the Scottish universities immigrated to America in order to escape British persecution. All of these professors quickly found teaching positions at the universities there. By the time 1776 rolled around they’d had thirty years to infect the minds of their students with the concept of liberty and above all the need for freedom from British tyranny. Their students then became the founders and leaders of the American Revolution. Just one of the many unintended consequences of teaching plowboys to read!

       Currently there is another and possibly even more profound worldwide revolution taking place. It has been precipitated by e-book and print on demand publishing, which has resulted in a monumental increase in the number of people who are trying to become authors and failing miserably not for lack of talent or inspiration but rather lack of proper training that is required to write a readable book. Most people believe that authors are born not made but the reality is that becoming an effective writer requires as much reading and study as it does writing and this is especially true for authors of fiction. Most beginning authors are in the same position as those plowboys were in, which was not knowing what they didn’t know. They usually have no idea of the amount of education that is required to become a successful author. Our goal is to help you to acuire those abilities. Feel free to contact us if you need any help or advice.


Samuel Davis - Editor, Plowboy Publications


Dennis Marx

Get the real story about over population!


The 2016 World Fertility Index is now available.The index fell 50 points to 106.78 from 107.34 in 2015. The index began the new millennium at 122.04. In Predictions for the 21st Century, Dennis Marx relies on insights into evolutionary biology to predict the continued collapse of fertility globally. Demographics projections show mankind moving into uncharted territory by the middle of this century. Dennis Marx's well received book explores the impacts of our demographic future to trends in investments, economics, culture, politics, business and even human evolution.

Samuel Davis - Editor, Plowboy Publications


Ray Reynolds

What your cardiologist forgot to tell you!

Heart muscle cells are able to shut down and hibernate for extended periods of time. This allows them to easily survive on the small amount of oxygen that leaks past a coronary artery obstruction until it is removed. Unfortunately afterwards they are usually in a stunted condition that requires very high blood plasma levels of the the proper nutrients to allow them to regain normal function. This book will explain how to provide them with that nutrient rich environment that will return them to normal contractile function.

Samuel Davis - Editor, Plowboy Publications

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Ray Reynolds

an analysis of alternative cancer treatments!


Cancer Cures”In this book by Bio Researcher Ray Reynolds you will learn...”

Why 85% of all oncologist who are asked state that they would never do chemotherapy themselves.

Why you should use anti-angiogenic medications to treat your tumor instead of chemotherapy.

Which foods shrink tumors by preventing the formation of the blood vessels that feed them.

Which two green teas when combined are 6 times more effective at preventing cancer than separately.

Why people who drink four cups of coffee each day are 40% less likely to have cancer.

A more recent study has conclusively proven that coffee combined with exercise enables your body to destroy twice as many cancer cells as either coffee or exercise by itself.

Samuel Davis - Editor, Plowboy Publications

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Ray Reynolds

The truth about weight gain and loss!



This book is for everyone who has repeatedly failed to reduce their fat level. Men should have not more than 10% body fat. Women need about 15%. Anything in excess of those numbers indicates that you pancreas is producing too much insulin. This causes all of the glucose in your blood to be converted to lipids and moved into your fat cells. Since all of the glucose has now been removed from your blood you have none to supply your current energy needs and you become hypoglycemic and very hungry. You crave sugars and other high glycemic “comfort” foods because that is what the excess insulin in your blood is looking for so that it can do its’ job.

Samuel Davis - Editor, Plowboy Publications

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Adrian Saunders

Ebook Publishing Volume One!


  • In this book Adrian Saunders uses his extensive knowledge of ebook publication to…

  • Provide you with a step by step procedure for publishing on Kindle, CreateSpace, Nook, iBook and Kobo.

  • Show you how to format your book using both Microsoft Word and HTML.

  • Demonstrate how to enter an unlimited number of keywords on your book’s detail page instead of only seven.

  • Show you how to use basic HTML code to improve your book description.

  • Explain why you should not be a member of KDP Select.

  • Explain which simple title changes will increases your book’s visibility exponentially.

  • Samuel Davis - Editor, Plowboy Publications
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    Adrian Saunders

    Ebook Publishing Volume Two

    In his second book on publishing Adrian Saunders uses his analytical research to show…

  • Why knowing what doesn’t work is just as important as knowing what does.

  • The 40 most profitable nonfiction categories to write in.

  • How to use copywriting skills to write a more effective book description.

  • How to use basic HTML code to improve your book description.

  • Why you should not be a member of KDP Select.

  • Why doing free promotions is a very bad idea.

  • Why Blog, Facebook and Twitter promotions are a waste of time.

  • How simple title changes will exponentially increase your book’s visibility.

  • Samuel Davis - Editor, Plowboy Publications

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    Press Releases

    the 2016 World fertility index has dropped 50 points over last year

    For Immediate Release:
    Samuel Davis
    Plowboy Publishing
    Email: SDavis@Plowboypublishing.com

    The 2016 World Fertility Index fell 50 Points to 106.84% from 107.34% in 2015 and Will Fall Below Replacement before 2025.

    Chicago, Oct. 19, 2016 – The World Fertility Index, 122.04% as recently as 2000, has hit a new modern low of 106.78%. Turkey, fell below 100% in 2016 and now half the index is below replacement. Europe, East Asia, Latin America and the US/Canada all have a sub-index below 100%.

    The Indian Subcontinent, South East Asia and the Middle East have marginally greater than replacement fertility. Since the start of this millennium, fertility has dropped 10% in the Middle East and almost 30% in the Indian Subcontinent. These regions are on track to sub-100% within the next 10 to 20 years.

    "The continued fall is assured," said Dennis Marx, Author of Predictions for the 21st Century. "The world would already be below replacement fertility without Sub-Saharan Africa. Just one out of every 16 females are there, but they have one of every 6 births. The global impacts on the economy and culture will be unprecedented."

    Even though Sub-Saharan fertility is over twice that of the next most fertile region. Fertility dropped 3.4% from a year ago. And each woman is having one less child now over her life than was true just 16 years ago.

    Below is a spreadsheet of the latest census data by country.


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